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14. listopadu 2017 v 12:43 | L. |  Diary
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dlouho jsem tu nebyla huh?
No, jdem na článek
,,hearts are wild creatures,that's why our ribs are cages"

My heart... it hurt...
I feel my ribs breaking apart, and my heart wants to jump out.
I have breathing problems. I do.
And it hurts like hell.
I don't know if it's physical or if it's because of all hat stress.
*cough* ,,medical school *
Anyway... it's making me sad and insecure.
I need help.
I need stress to go away.
Is it because of that boy went crazy and stopped talking to me ?
Even that I did'n do anything o him?
Well... I need help.
Please stress, go fucking away. Nobody likes you.
I want to breathe normally.
I want my ribs to get together again , so my heart can have peace and be in place and can have its time to rest and can dream it, and do it....
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