Březen 2018

Letter to you boys

20. března 2018 v 13:35 | L. |  Téma týdne
Související obrázekDear Assholes. All of you pretty faces. Found a way to my heart. You learned how to make me smile, laugh, be happy , enjoy free time with you... I thought youre my best friend... number one.
I loved you so much as my boy bestfriend. I told you that I'll never leave you. You didn't believe it. You let me go.
Number two.
We had so much in common. I gave you gifts. We were so similar. You texted me first... YOU WAS MY BEST FRICKIN FRIEND.
Still. You left.

Number three.
You was texting me everyday... and basically suggesting me that you have feeling for me... You broke my heart.